If you are traveling and need someone to look after your pets in a safe and secure environment, look no further, your pets can stay with us and you can go away assured that they are in safe hands.

The dog kennels are kept spotless with our strict cleaning routine. Provided with air-conditioning, custom-made beds, piped music, non-slip stainless steel feeding bowls and a daily programme of exercise and walks, your dog is sure to stay fit and happy during its stay.

The cattery has been specially built with space in mind. Each individual cat home has a separate sleeping area and sitting area with plenty of room to move around. The cats also have a daily programme and are taken out individually throughout the day for brushing and playtime.

Our staff are hand-picked animal lovers that care and take pride in looking after the pets that are staying with us.

The boarding areas are staffed 24 hours a day and our in-house vet is on hand to keep a careful eye on the boarders. All pets have a weekly medical check-up and bath during their stay.

To stay with us, all boarders must be fully vaccinated and the vaccination record should be presented to us on arrival (copy or original). This is for your and our benefit to ensure that we keep the risk of infections to a minimum.

The Kennel Cough vaccination is required for all dogs boarding at IVH. This must be administered a minimum of 7 days prior to boarding to ensure that your dog is covered against Kennel Cough.

Book online using our Boarding form.