How your dog behaves depends a lot on the owner and the environment that the dog lives in. Dogs can adjust to living with a family very well providing the members of the family take time to teach the dog the rules of the house. Dogs that are disobedient are often like this due to frustration or boredom.

We can help with our training services for dogs. On average, each dog will stay with us for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, and an individually tailored programme will be created to suit the needs and abilities of your dog.

On initial assessment, our qualified trainer will consider the required length of stay and necessary tasks that your dog will learn.

Our basic obedience course includes general behavioral conditioning and learning commands and responses that are necessary for a strong dog and owner relationship.

Agility training is more fun! Dogs love to work and by teaching them to use the agility course, they can learn to obey commands through play. The agility training also gives them exercise and keeps them fit. A fir dog is a healthy dog.

We do ask that the owner attends these training sessions on a weekly basis to understand the commands that the trainer is giving the dog, and to ensure that the dog will obey the owner as well as the trainer.

If you prefer not to leave your dog with us, we can offer individual lessons by the hour. This would be suitable for a more mature dog that has already had some training.

We also offer house training for puppies from the age of four (4) months. Along with others, this includes bed time training, sitting, basic commands, leash training and house manners. In order to keep consistency, once a routine has been established for your puppy, this practice must be followed at home.

To book a course, please use our online General Enquiries to request further details.