About IVH

At the International Veterinary Hospital (IVH), our top priority is the health and well being of all pets. Our talented team works diligently to offer our clients a peace of mind while ensuring that they are well informed about their pet’s health and leave satisfied with the services received.

We’re proud to be the first and only full service veterinary hospital in Kuwait with a dedicated management team and state of the art equipment. Our services include routine health checks, X-Ray and Ultrasound services, in House Lab Testing, Dental Cleaning and Surgical Services for both dogs and cats.

We take a progressive approach to veterinary medicine, combining industry leading advances with a friendly, approachable environment. It’s our goal to make sure the care of all pets is always up to standards, and offer easily accessible and professional advice and support for our clients at all times. Our services are comprehensive and aim to effectively treat any health and wellbeing issues that our customers are faced with.

We make visiting IVH easy for both our new and loyal clients by using a specialized veterinary software throughout our entire hospital. Our highly trained staff can pull up full health records, tests, x-rays and more in just minutes, allowing us to deliver personalised care that matches the needs of the pet at every appointment. Our intelligent, automated system also delivers reminders when vaccinations are due, ensuring they’re never missed. Clients will only need to register their full details once making future visits a breeze.



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