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Medical Services

Your pet’s health, happiness, and your peace of mind are our top priority.

Medical Services

We offer state of the art services in areas of surgery, diagnostic work, and an in-house laboratory to ensure that all aspects of our customer care meets our high expectations.

The services depend on the condition severity of a pet. We ensure that all aspects of the customer experience our expectations, our experienced staff offers a wide range of medical services, including assessment, surgery, diagnostics, laboratory, etc. Spaying and neutering of cats of all breeds and ages have been successfully performed at the International veterinarian hospital.

We understand those pet owners are busy during the day. Therefore, we've designed our booking system so it's easy for them to pick a time slot that fits their schedule for several days. The client can get the booked slot off before 2 days. Consultations with vets are available throughout the day and can be pre-booked using our online booking system. We offer our customers the ability to make appointments online so that they can plan their day around the appointment time slot that they have selected. We also reduce the waiting times for our customers.

An initial appointment will be conducted by one of our experienced veterinary doctors, who will listen to the concerns of the customers and unlist the active complaints to fully assess the pet, and after the assessment, they will discuss a possible treatment or management plan that’s suitable for the pet is with the owner. In some critical situations, further investigations may be required for a full assessment and to get the results quickly. The veterinarian may finish the examination at the same time as the originally scheduled appointment, or the pet may need to be hospitalized, which would allow our highly skilled veterinarians to take a closer look at the pet..

Medical Specializations


IVH has boasted the two advanced operating theaters that are available for pets in a critical situation, in an emergency, or in need of urgent surgery. The condition sector will get the first treatment. When it comes to surgery for your dog, canine surgical procedures fall into two categories, elective procedures, and urgently necessary procedures. We have our emergency veterinarian for the need of the hour and official experienced staff as well. The operation theater is number one for general surgery and a specialist theater for orthopedic surgery. There are some common elective dog surgery procedures that we are offering at a reasonable cost after the diagnosis of a dog if needed such as Spaying, neutering, Dental extractions, and Benign growths of the skin. The ultra-advanced anesthesia machines and monitoring equipment in both operating rooms are kept up to date so that we can provide our patients with the best possible outcome for every surgery they undergo. Throughout the procedure, the attending staff monitors the pet's breathing and heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and the plane of anesthesia. A member of the veterinary staff is assigned to monitor your dog from the beginning until the end of the procedure. You will never have to worry about your dog being left alone.

Recovery is an essential part of a pet’s well-being after surgery. To keep your dog pain-free after surgery, the length and age of the surgery the severity, as well as the amount of pain medication prescribed, are all factors that determine how quickly your dog recovers. The pet might be a duller version of itself for 24 hours after anesthesia due to the dulling effects of anesthesia. The International veterinarian hospital has that designed to ensure that pets are comfortable and their recovery process is quick and easy and less noisy. Pets will be reunited with their families once they've recovered in the stainless steel recovery cages equipped with comfortable hygienic vet beds and accessories.


The doctors at International Veterinary Hospital have a diagnostic experience staff that plays an important role in how they diagnose a condition after screening the symptoms and the active complaints. An in-depth physical examination allows your veterinarian to identify any abnormalities in your pet's body, which may help reveal the cause of his inappetence. They have the latest equipment and technology with advanced machinery for the assessment and processes to ensure the diagnosis is completed with accuracy.

IVH utilizes the most recent industry-leading image diagnostic equipment that is rarely available in other veteran centers, it is used to achieve accurate results for the customers in a less reliable time. The ultimate working ultrasound machinery allows the employees to get an accurate picture of internal organs and functionality and make a reliable assessment. The ultra machinery is used for the patient diagnostic test who needs an urgent removing the need for exploratory surgery. The surgery can bring additional risks and discomfort according to the body functions. In addition, the staff also use x-ray machinery, including a high-density option, and an endoscope, which is essential for treating avian patients.


The International Veterinarian Hospital has an advanced setting for laboratory findings. Our experienced staff has access to use the fully equipped tools for a quick diagnosis, including an in-house laboratory capable of handling biochemical, hematological, and immunological parameters, making it quicker and easier to receive a full blood profile in just ten minutes, reducing the time customers need to wait for information and decisions for the final treatment and management plan. In addition to lab tests, diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or ultrasounds, provide important insight into your pet's health and changes (such as inflammation or infection) that may affect their appetite.

Several critical cases need more information, we introduce the advanced investigations for the owners as needed, and we have established excellent working relationships with laboratories in the USA and Europe, allowing for quick, accurate, and dependable results to be delivered.

Hospitalization Wards

In addition to the latest veterinary medical technology, the International veterinarian hospital has a facility with the latest equipped tools and highly skilled and experienced staff members who are trained to handle any medical situation. Our facilities offer five separate inpatient wards, all of which are equipped to the highest standards, are well air-conditioned, kept spotlessly clean, and staffed 24/7 by a dedicated, qualified veterinary assistant. The design and approach to our hospitalization wards aim to ensure that every pet is kept as comfortable and stress-free as possible during their time with us. Our care aims to ensure your beloved companion returns home safely and recovers completely. we are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care when you and your pet during the different phases of life.

To minimize the risk of infection and more illness, we ensure that all areas are kept clean and vaccinated for a complete dirtless space, the kennels are made from stainless steel that is more likely to be safe in use while illness as it's not dipped in germs. We also have larger kennels for patients that will be staying for a longer duration, giving them more space to move around and feel the environment relaxing, and large walk-in kennels that can comfortably accommodate even the largest breeds of dogs. We also offer dogs as giving separate exercise running paths to ensure they remain healthy and active during their stay and with a fresh mind. Nonetheless, there are certain things you can do as a cat owner to help ensure optimal hygiene such as Brushing your cat's hair regularly to limit knots and furballs, Trimming your cat's claws for healthy purposes, etc.

Isolation Unit

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases throughout the hospital, our veteran officer took the initiative that veterinarians must educate pet owners on the importance of completing their illnesses and on preventing infectious diseases. It includes preventing your cat from licking the incision site, which may cause infection, by monitoring your cat and utilizing an E-collar. The IVH team also has a dedicated isolation unit that is separate from the main hospital because of specialized and spread infection disease circulation. The isolation unit is more special as offering an upgraded plan, you can expect to receive additional services like dental cleanings, radiographs, comprehensive blood work, and most importantly taking care of eating patterns that are filled with nutrient-dense foods. To minimize the stress isolated hospitalized patients experience, the air in the room is ventilated to the outside and separated into cat and dog areas for their betterment.

The isolation ward was designed to reduce the need to move patients staying there to keep them as comfortable as possible. As a result, the building also houses dedicated bathing facilities and a ward preparatory area for medical procedures. Our veterinary doctors and assistants have access to drip pumps, ensuring that accurate levels of fluid are administered to each patient’s exact needs.

In order to make them as comfortable as possible, the isolation ward was designed to reduce the need to move patients during their stay and not to connect with other infections. Consequently, the building also houses an award preparation area for maximum care as well as dedicated bathing facilities for giving the pet a fresh feeling. Our veterinary doctors and experienced assistants have access to review the drip pumps filled with required fluid, ensuring that accurate levels of fluid are administered to each patient’s exact needs according to their current condition and for body needs to function properly. In addition to veterinary assistants who are fully qualified and committed, the isolation unit is staffed 24 hours a day by veterinary assistants to assess the condition every hour. They always have a full understanding of the condition of each patient in their care, ensuring any potential concerns are raised immediately. Each of our veterinary assistants spends time with each patient, so they understand each pet personally, enabling them to provide exceptional care and attention.