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Kennels & Cattery

Our boarding facilities are cleaned and maintained throughout the day and fully staffed by employees that are animal lovers.

Kennels & Cattery

We know that pet owners can feel anxious when leaving their pets at a boarding facility. Our transparent and fully serviced kennels and cattery help remove this stress, our customers know that their pet is well cared for and in a place that values and understands animals.

Every pet owner has a different way of taking care of their pets whether it is freehand or owned in a speculative. Pet owners feel worried about their pets to live when leaving their pets' animal care at a boarding facility. Our all-time open transparent service and fully serviced kennels and cattery help remove this stress and give me satisfaction by showing them memories of other pets. Our customers know the good care service as we do pets well cared for and in a place that values and understands the animals' thoughts. It is important to us to ensure that your pets are as comfortable and safe as possible. The IVH boarding facilities are cleaned and well worth buying and maintained throughout the day. We offer fully experienced staff that cooperates with customers and give personalized 1-1 services. The staff is available onboard 24/7 for easy outdoor access and an in-house vet keeping a close eye on all our visitors, customers know that an experienced team will expertly handle the needs of their dog or cat. You can rest assured that your furbabies are in safe hands by bringing them home to the international veterinarian hospital.

Taking good care of your pet is our priority, and it shows in every aspect of our services, right down to the facility design and the amount of time we devote to every one of them.

Our Kennels

We offer several kinds of kennels such as Kennel pods, cage banks, kennel casters, basic kennels, etc. They all are air-conditioned and way more comfortable. Pet owners have the benefit that to get bespoke kennels according to their needs. The custom kennel can be made as beds, piped music, and non-slip stainless bowls for ultimate comfort. We recognize that dogs can become stressed and bored when in a traditional kennel environment, so we took initiative to make a different kennel and started taking a different approach. Our daily program ensures that each pup is given plenty of exercise and attention throughout the day, ensuring every dog that stays with us is happy. Our extensive grounds, with paddocks and lawns, give dogs the space they need to be taken on walks and to play during their stay with us..

Our Cattery

A cattery is much important for the pet and their mental health as well. We have been designed with the needs of feeling and a colorful mind to give each cat an individual sleeping area and sitting area to relax their minds and feel comfortable. We have a wide range of space for each cat and another pet resident to move around, enjoy and play, and exercise. Our priority is to take care of their internal health as we have a daily program service in our pet hospital to, ensure that each pet is taken out at least twice a day for brushing, playtime, and their mental and physical ease. They will get the attention of our staff individually.

We offer cat vaccination and dog vaccination to secure them from an upcoming viral illness. The rule for pets to stay in our pet clinic is that stay with us must be fully vaccinated, with a copy of the vaccination record. The vaccination card is compulsory before boarding any pet at check-in and checkout. All dogs boarding at IVH must also have a kennel cough vaccination administered seven days before boarding commencing, it is good for the dog and other pets in the hospital.