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IVH Career Opportunities


In Kuwait, the International veterinary hospital is offering all the services with the most modern technologies for pets is a proud moment for pet owners. They have multiple airline veterinary doctors for emergency veterinarian purposes as well. They also have hardworking and dedicated team members in management for the working on-time services. The veterinary hospital has advanced state-of-the-art instance equipment that is used to give a better diagnosis to your pet companions. The classical services include routine health checks such as walking checkups routine in general terms and the availability of 24/5, X-Ray and Ultrasound services for a better version of knowing the diagnosis and enables us to take fewer x-rays to get the perfect image, and to send X-rays to specialists with ease, in House Lab testing is made the owners more satisfied to get the clinical findings in a less time.

They introduced the dental cleaning and cat vaccination center with consultation booking. The Surgical Services for both dogs and cats for spaying the disease before it gets worse. The most important aspects of a good veterinary hospital are the staff, they always work ethically and treat the client in a good position. Here at IVH, all the staff and experienced veterinarians are passionate about animals and our highly dedicated team is ready to be of assistance to our clients & their pet’s needs in a numeric way. The staff is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each pet owner.

We always welcome fresh graduates and learning people to specialize with an ambition to grow in a unique experience and gain more information. There is a contract-based job that needs to be filled with underlying requirements. It includes full-time employment & a competitive salary and benefits according to the experience of the veterinarian. It is a full-service companion animal hospital that offers a great work opportunity based in Kuwait. The interested person can apply for the mentioned position by contacting the team completing the IVH Questionnaire to be solved in a manner and submitting it to our team via this form along with your CV. You can also apply with your resume and cover letter, or any other information along with your application.

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