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Pet Shop & Studio

Pet Shop & Studio

Deciding to get the right pet can be quite a challenge!

Pet Shop

We know that good quality pet items are an essential for owners. Our pet store provides animal lovers with easy access to everything they need to ensure their pet's well-being, including beds, travel carriers, collars, leashes, feeding accessories, and treats. For cats and dogs, we also offer a variety of both wet and dry foods for customers to choose from. Our friendly and dedicated staff will be happy to assist you whenever possible, ensuring that you leave with everything you need and a satisfactory experience.

Photo Studio

Owners are always in need of good quality and self-centered pictures that can give happiness to their faces and stay connected with the memories internally. We help our customers to tell them the positions to create long-lasting memories, with the International Veterinary Hospital Pet Photo Studio. Our expert photographers are on hand to capture the unique and aesthetic personality look of every pet and the special relationship they share with their owners. IVH photographers always used their premium equipment with studio stans lights for a better light version, our photo studio lets pets be themselves to create unique images that can be treasured.